What is Interim Management?

For our purposes, Interim Management is the provision of a skillful senior technology executive, qualified by relevant practical experience, either to fill a gap in permanent staffing or to deliver a specific business result within a limited time period. Unlike management consultants, Interim Managers don’t just dispense advice; they fully own and deliver results.

Reasons to Hire an Interim Manager

In today’s highly competitive job market, you may have difficulty accessing the management talent you need, when you need it. This can result in overburdened staff, stunted organizational growth, and missed business opportunities. However, Interim Managers can be the perfect solution to the following problems:

Staffing a Vacancy or Filling a Gap

  • A job requisition has been open much longer than you had planned and you need immediate relief
  • You’ve identified an ideal new-hire who won’t be able to start for X months because they’re waiting for a bonus, stock vesting, commitment to their current employer, etc.
  • A manager will be out on leave and there aren’t any internal employees with the skills or available bandwidth to fill their shoes in the interim

Business Continuity

An “irreplaceable” manager has given notice with no suitable successor in place. Don’t risk a rash permanent hiring decision, just to have someone in place for knowledge transfer – an Interim Manager can fill the gap between the employee’s departure and a suitable full-time employee replacement’s successful onboarding, ensuring business continuity and complete knowledge transfer.

Rapid Growth

Your organization can’t hire fast enough, and your existing management team has exceeded a sustainable span of control. In the absence of dedicated managers, team leads or senior engineers may be pulling double-duty as managers, resulting in neither responsibility being executed effectively.

Free up internal resources and accelerate projects – Interim Managers can often start in days and ensure smooth onboarding and hand-off to a suitable full-time employee when appropriate.

Major New Project

You have an opportunity to start a major new project, but lack a seasoned manager to lead it. An Interim Manager can fast-track a new project to success and then transition project ownership to a full-time employee when appropriate.

Turnaround/Crisis Management

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. — Albert Einstein

Companies can spiral into crisis when plagued by quality, delivery, or attrition problems. These issues can be exacerbated by denial, inattention blindness, or a loss of faith in the current leadership; requiring an outsider to resolve. Our “fixers” are non-judgemental, familiar with numerous underlying root causes and their appropriate mitigation strategies, and can get you back on track before it’s too late!

What We Do

We provide full-time interim and transitional on-premise technology management services in the San Francisco Bay Area and can accommodate part-time and remote clients via virtual or hybrid arrangements. Our service offerings and core expertise are:

  • CTO/CIO, VP, Director, and Manager Roles
  • Dev, QA, TechOps, and IT Expertise

In addition to handling all the usual day-to-day activities, we can drive the following strategic concerns:


Peter was instrumental in the integration of teams and technologies during the Servio acquisition. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the Servio platform, environment and pain points, and was effective in his communication with both the Executive and Engineering teams at CrowdSource. In addition to the technical expertise he brings to every situation, Peter really embraces the team concept and stepped up to every challenge we gave him. He was pleasant to work with in every way – I recommend him 100%.
Erin Steinbruegge, Chief Operating Officer

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