What We Do

We’re experienced with building local and distributed engineering and technical operations teams from scratch as well as rapidly scaling existing teams. We build resilient, accountable, and engaged organizations; and enjoy developing both individual contributor and management talent.

How We Do It

We’ll work closely with you to internalize your culture, organizational goals, and priorities so we can best help you:

  • Streamline your recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes to improve the quality of your hires, all while minimizing unnecessary impact on your hiring team
  • Outsource supplementary Dev, QA, or TechOps to lower costs (in some cases), improve QA turnaround time, or provide 24 hour production coverage
  • Crowdsource mobile QA to create an elastic workforce that lowers costs and increases device coverage
  • Recruit and pre-screen candidates so you can focus on higher leverage activities than sifting through a hundred+ resumes per job opening
  • Develop a culture and org structure that fosters collaboration, maximizes engagement, and minimizes attrition
  • Identify and turn around or manage out under-performers

Let's chat, we'd love to learn about your specific challenges and how we might be able to best serve your needs!

Free Consultation
Free Consultation