Welcome To Knowledgewerkz

Knowledgewerkz is a boutique technology consulting firm that specializes in software development, DevOps, quality engineering, interim executive management, bootstrapping engineering organizations, and course-correcting teams that have gotten off track.

We’re well-versed in working with remote and distributed teams and can accommodate remote and part-time clients through a combination of on-site and virtual leadership. We’re available for full-time on-premise engagements in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Peter was instrumental in the integration of teams and technologies during the Servio acquisition. He was incredibly knowledgeable about the Servio platform, environment and pain points, and was effective in his communication with both the Executive and Engineering teams at CrowdSource. In addition to the technical expertise he brings to every situation, Peter really embraces the team concept and stepped up to every challenge we gave him. He was pleasant to work with in every way – I recommend him 100%.
Erin Steinbruegge, Chief Operating Officer
Peter introduced tools at the beginning of our consulting engagement that enhanced collaboration and communication, both within our office and with remote team members. Working almost exclusively remotely, we found Peter to be very accommodating, easy to work with, and a great technologist – I highly recommend him!
Pradeep Bhatia, Co-Founder and Co-CEO