What is Quality Engineering?

Some companies are rebranding “Quality Assurance” as “Quality Engineering” in an attempt to attract more technical QA talent to their organizations, but Quality Engineering is much more than a QA department that can understand code. Successful Quality Engineering is an integral interwoven part of the software development process, which:

  • Enables you to ship product faster by reducing the back and forth between development and QA
  • Eliminates engineering time sinks such as broken builds and reviewing code that doesn’t conform to coding standards
  • Eliminates common defects and regressions before the software is handed off to QA for manual testing

What We Do

A successful transition from Quality Assurance to Quality Engineering often requires technology, process, and cultural changes. Many organizations are prepared for some of the technology aspects (and underestimate others), but struggle with the process and/or cultural change aspects of this transition. Introducing new tools and processes can trigger resistance and we’re here to help you navigate this organizational transformation.

  • Test Automation Strategy and Architecture
  • Code Analysis and Review Tools
  • Continuous Integration

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